Repairs under Guarantee
Contact your SKIL dealer for repairs (together with the purchase receipt). Your dealer will make sure your tool is repaired by fully qualified repair technicians. You can return your tool without accessories and case. Your tool must not have been dismantled before return. Repair costs will be paid by SKIL. In some cases, we will issue you with a replacement product instead of repair.

Repairs outside Guarantee
Contact your SKIL dealer for repairs.

Spare parts

Нашият сервизен партньор предлага възможността да поръчате резервни части от SKIL през следния интернет магазин.


All SKIL Tools are carefully checked, thoroughly tested and subjected to SKIL's stringent quality control procedures. That's why SKIL guarantees both its power tools and its measuring tools. This guarantee does not limit the buyer's guarantee rights arising from the contract of sale with the reseller or applicable legal rights.

Warranty conditions

Ръководства с инструкции

Търсите ли ръководство? Можете да изтеглите ръководства с инструкции от страниците на продуктите. По-стари инструменти на SKIL можете да намерите в нашия архив с продукти.